Originally from South Africa, Anelda Spence lives in Nashville, TN where she juggles songwriting, sound design, mom life and the antics of an eccentric beagle named Minion. With a voice that effortlessly blends sweetness and emotion, Anelda possesses a soothing vocal tone that resonates deeply. Utilizing the art of lush vocal layering, she crafts mesmerizing melodies that leave an indelible mark on the hearts of her audience. A talented songwriter, her compositions are imbued with a profound sense of authenticity and emotion, aiming to captivate and uplift her listeners.

Driven by her values of love, hope, positivity, social justice, and kindness, Anelda’s music transcends mere entertainment, serving as a catalyst for emotional introspection and connection. A lifelong enthusiast of fantasy and science fiction literature and films, she weaves her influences into her art, crafting narratives that transport her listeners to extraordinary realms of imagination. 

Anelda creates the bulk of her music with her husband, Sean Spence, who works out of their studio, The Blue Grotto, as a producer and mix engineer. Together, this power duo have honed a sound that is unique and evocative. Anelda’s talent has garnered significant recognition, with numerous tv and film sync placements on CBS, ABC, The CW and Hallmark. Her compositions seamlessly complement visual storytelling, creating a powerful synergy between music and moving images.



“Love Came Easy” by Anelda for Hallmark from Heavy Hitters Music on Vimeo.